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Cooking Should Be Fun And Satisfying - Not Intimidating!

Does the thought of cooking bring you in a state of panic? Have you always wanted to learn how to prepare food for yourself or for your family, but never knew what to do and where to start?

Don’t worry - you’re not alone!

I’ve met thousands of people who have always dreamt of being able to prepare amazing meals for themselves and their families, but never got the courage to learn the first thing about cooking. To them, the whole process is intimidating and nerve-wracking. And just the thought of trying gives them anxiety!

But the truth is, cooking should be a fun and satisfying experience. And it is - if you know where to start.

And when you can move confidently in the kitchen you can...
Have more fun preparing entrées
Have more fun preparing entrées

Use cooking as a stress-relieving activity
Create dishes your family and friends will love
Cook meals you love, any time you wish
Boost your creativity and imagination
Expose yourself to different flavors
Eat more healthy and save money
What if I tell you, you can learn how to create delicious, quality entrées in your own kitchen, and have tremendous fun doing it, even with zero culinary experience?

Well now, you can!

Hey I'm Joshua Grayson

Joshua Grayson is a seasoned cook who loves to help others master the art of cooking soul-nourishing meals. Born in Miami, FL, he lives in Dallas, TX, and has been serving appetizing food to communities and neighbors for 20+ years. Amidst the pandemic, Grayson formulated Grayson’s Grille to help people connect and spread love through food.

Grayson spent the COVID lockdown cooking mouth-watering entrées on Zoom calls and sharing his talents with the world.

Through his 5-Week Entrée Mastery Course, he helps novices attain mastery in the kitchen and get the skills and confidence needed to be creative with food.

Grayson aims to help thousands of people learn new recipes and plans to open a Caribbean-inspired fine dining restaurant in Dallas, TX.
When not empowering people through his love of cooking, Grayson feeds the homeless, cooks for shelters and the less fortunate.

He has been invited on several occasions to be featured on the Food Network and has also been offered an opportunity to serve as a Chef and work alongside the Head Chef of Dallas’s own North Italia.
  • 20+ Years Of Experience'
  • ​Catered to Events With 500+ Guests
  • ​5-Star Facebook Business Ratings
  • ​Food Network Invitations
I’ve taught hundreds of students how to create their own delicious entrées and create Instagram-worthy plating in just a few weeks, even when they’ve never even cooked a single meal before!

Just Take A Look At What Other Students Have To Say...

Mannnnnnnnn that turkey was sooooo good we did it so wrong! You are a beast! My kids were hig fiving me saying man u did good mama...
well after a while i had to tell them i bought it lol I was stuffing my face just grabbed a chunk and boyyyy we served it over rice omg that juice was sooooo good🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣you are anointed to cook Joshua!

- Tiwangi R. | Louisiana
Joshua is an amazing chef! I had the pleasure of tasting his authentic Jamaican curry chicken. He prepared dinner for my friend and I, he was extremely careful with every step! From washing his hands, ensuring the meat was properly cleaned and seasoned to making sure it tasted like A warm hug in the end. Overall, his food is comforting and simply put; DELICIOUS!

- Krystall H. | Baltimore
My name is Glancy Kelly, and I’m an emerging R&B artist. I was shooting a music video to my song “Tell Me” and I rented an air bnb to do it. The owner of the air bnb was for Josh. I sent the pictures to my director Jeff Adair films and asked him what he thought of the space. Jeff responded by saying “glancy he clearly states that you can’t have events or parties at the location.So I called Josh and asked could I meet him at the air bnb to check it out in person and also negotiate just in case he wants to charge more. When I walked into the penthouse air bnb I almost fainted when I smelt the food. At that point, I had no choice but to ask for a plate. He didn’t even offer, I asked and yes that’s how good it was smelling. I had no choice but to pay for him to cook for me and my girl at the time because it was worth it…. This dude is a chef and nobody is messing with him.

- Glancy Kelly | Dallas Texas
Would You Want To Achieve The Same Culinary Success In Your Kitchen? Then Check Out...

Grayson’s Grille’s

5-Week Entrée Mastery Course

An Exciting 5-Week Cooking Course That Will Help You Build Your Skills And Confidence In Your Own Kitchen
Join me as I share some restaurant-quality entrée recipes that you can easily recreate in your own kitchen all on your own, and build the confidence you need to prepare delightful entrées for yourself and for your family, any time you wish.

The 5-Week Entrée Mastery Course

 VIP Access

What You'll Get:
  • Five Simple-to-Follow Entrée Recipes: Get mouth watering, satisfying entrées with step-by-step tutorials,that are recorded weekly for your convenience." Plus, most ingredients can be bought from your local supermarkets.
  • ​45 Additional Entrée Recipes: Receive 9 more recipes every week to help you experiment with more cooking techniques, flavor profiles, and further hone your kitchen skills.
  • ​​Bonus Week 6: Live Zoom Session with Joshua: Join me for an exclusive Live Zoom Cooking Session during our bonus week. Cook alongside me as we prepare a recipe together, like we're cooking in the same kitchen!"

Value: $497

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General Access 

What You'll Get:
  • Five Entrée Recipes Made Easy:": Get recipes that are mouth watering, satisfying entrées. The 5 main entrées are recorded weekly for your convenience with "step-by-step tutorials, and ingredients that can be bought from most supermarkets.
  • ​25 Additional Entrée Recipes:  Receive 5 more recipes every week to help you experiment with more cooking techniques.

Value: $297

Price Today: $47

Become a Confident Home Cook Today!

Now, you can learn how to cook delectable entrées on your own, and become confident cooking entrées you’ll love in your kitchen. From here, you can start developing your kitchen skills so you’ll be able to prepare more dishes and be 
confident home cooking. And you can do all that by joining me and other students in this exciting 5-week cooking course.
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Grayson's Grille is not liable for any improvement or decline of the participants' health due to the meals taught inside the program. All participants must check and consider their health conditions when deciding on the usage of salt, sugar, spice level, or any ingredients that may cause allergic reactions. Consult your physician for expert guidance.
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